4 pack

pullapartschair400A long time favorite of every Bainbridge Island Commuter. A quick nurishing meal packed into a special roll with  8 grains, cinnamon & spice, golden raisins and  sweetned with brown rice syrup. four pullaparts
Great for a quick bite on the way to a bike ride or walk and perfect for a break in your day. Hollis created these to keep sustained through long baking days back in '86.
Fabulous toasted, French Toasted, served toasted with goat cheese or jam or as a PBJ. Of course just plain in their natural state ;-)

Drawing by Michael Gibson 1987

4 Pack 
Net Wt. 19 oz / 538 g
Freeze well, microwave 30sec

Hollis's Famous 8-Grain Pullaparts