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We experienced an incredible turn out, from our local customers to large corporate customers reaching out for local hand crafted products this Holiday season. Our baking, packing and shipping crew offer our profound thanks to everyone ordering this year.Farm Kitchen Bakery Gingerbread House

It was the year of "Zoom Gingerbread Parties" and whoa did they burst onto the scene quite unexpectedly. Our gingerbread elves (Kelsey, Hannah, Mel, Charleen) were running in double time to keep up mixing, rolling, cutting & baking zillions of pieces! 
Our packing & shipping team of Hollis & Anne with help from the Beeman Elves kept the steady flow of candy sorting & shipping going out the door.

With a very special thank you to our local Poulsbo USPS mail carriers who piled the mounds of boxes in their little mail trucks and shipped out the hundreds of precious Gingerbread House Kits, Christmas Stollen and goodies far and wide. This year saw our Gingerbread House Kits going to far flung locations in the US and to Mexico and Israel.

A little time lapse of decorating our Gingerbread House Kit, courtesy of the Harsh Family


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