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pullapartduo8-Grain Pullaparts

Were created by Hollis at Bainbridge Bakers in 1986, to be a low-sugar treat that would sustain her throughout busy days and nights of baking.  

Shortly after, a new Seattle coffee company asked her to make them for their first store, then their second.  Soon Hollis delivered them to their other Seattle stores, before that startup took their baking in-house as they expanded to urban corners and locations worldwide.

Meanwhile, on Bainbridge Island, the local tradition was growing.  Fresh 8-Grain Pullaparts procured from the artistic folks at the corner of Winslow Way and Madison Avenue, sustained young and old.  They found those Pullaparts to be great at breakfast, as a snack, with cheese for a simple lunch, with butter and jam at teatime, or just about anytime and anywhere.  Versatile, those yummy Pullaparts! 

coffee pullapart song

 In 1995 Hollis sold Bainbridge Bakers and moved to Port Gamble Road, in the country between Poulsbo and Kingston.  There, in a big red barn converted from an old butcher shop, she built a commercial kitchen and welcomed community food entrepreneurs to share it.  And there in the Farm Kitchen barn, she just couldn’t resist – she was at it again, baking her 8-grain Pullaparts.


four pullaparts

 Folks found the barn and continued to look for  “Hollis’s Original 8-Grain Pullaparts” baked fresh for Saturday Breakfast.
 Some even waxed poetic:

Callooh callay oh frabjous day
Pullaparts are mine
on Saturday!
       - Bainbridge Bakers and Farm Kitchen customer Chris Christensen, © 2008

 As trends shifted, by 2017 Hollis’s 8-Grain Pullaparts made from the original recipe returned to Bainbridge.  Commuters, locals and visitors alike found the Farm Kitchen Bakery Pullaparts at Commuter Comforts, then at Bay Hay & Feed and Butler Green Farms CSA.  Other area distributors include Nordic Coffee in Poulsbo, North Point Market in Hansville,  Over the Moon Coffee in Kingston, Kitsap Fresh, and Fresh Food Revolution

 To this day, Farm Kitchen and Bainbridge Bakers customers contact Farm Kitchen Bakery saying “we grew up eating Pullaparts so I have to order some for my sister who’s moved away,”; “I have been craving a pullapart with my coffee (from here at our macadamia farm on the Big Island, HI)”; “I’m thrilled I can grab a pullapart as I run for the boat,” or “please send three 4-packs to me asap!”  For them and so many other fans, we are pleased to ship orders out quickly, hold them for folks to pick up at the farm, and distribute weekly throughout the area at discerning coffee shops, local markets, and online marketplaces.  Need a pack? Order them Here!


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